Duck Life 3

The ducks are evolving!! You heard me right. In Duck Life 3 Evolution, one of the newest features now allows your duckling to go through stages of evolution! They start out as cute, furry little ducklings, and evolve resembling human-like beings that can run faster and are stronger than ever before!

The story starts out with a newspaper article sharing with the world the new discovery of these evolving ducklings. Of course, at first people thought the story was made up – a total lie! After all, how can a duckling transform into a human-like being?

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We’re not entirely sure either, but the story is true. We believe it has something to do with the new food that the farmer is using to feed the ducklings, but of course, we can’t be sure.

As you know, there are no rules currently about evolved ducklings participating in the races, so the farmer (you) trains these ducklings from the time they are hatched all the way through their evolution process in order to compete and win each tournament.

Playing Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 Evolution is similar to the previous versions of the game, in that your job is to train your ducklings to be the best of the best in the duck racing world. However, this version offers several new features that were not introduced in the previous games.

For instance, when you begin the game, you need to choose between four different duckling eggs. Putting your cursor over each egg will reveal what skills that particular duck will excel at, and which skills he may not be very good at or need additional exercises. Ones you have chosen your favorite duck; you can begin the trainings in the Amateur section. The Advanced and Professional levels will be locked until you reach a specific level.

Duck Life 3

Like before, train your duckling in flying, swimming, climbing, and running to strengthen his skills. Don’t forget to feed him so he has plenty of stamina and endurance to carry him through each exercise and race!

Unlike before, the race panel only shows two races: Qualifiers and Finals. This is the same in the Amateur, Advanced, and Professionals sections.

What Did I Love About Duck Life 3?

One of my main gripes about the previous versions of the game was that there wasn’t enough variation. You still did the same things over and over again. While the same rings true in this version, I have to admit, I do love watching my duckling morph into an ugly, human-like monster of a duck! How cool is that?!

Duck Life main screen

Admittedly, I also like that the game got smart and developed a simpler racing interface. Who needs 4 or 5 different races to unlock 15 other races, anyway? The Qualifiers races unlocks the Finals in the Amateurs section. Completing the Finals there unlocks the Advanced section, and so on. It makes things much easier to navigate, which I love.

I also really like that they now have different achievements that we can earn throughout our training and the races. And, they didn’t skimp on the number of achievements either – there’s ten different achievements to try to earn!

What Did I Hate About Duck Life 3?

There’s really not a whole lot to hate about this game, truth be told. Sure, I wish the food was a little cheaper – or at the very least, I wish we could earn more money in each training exercise and race to have a little extra cash hanging around to splurge in the shop if we so choose. But, that seems to be the norm in this series of games.

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