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Welcome to Duck Life World, the hottest website packed exclusively with Duck Life games! At Duck Life World, we love ducklings so much that we have decided to feature Duck Life games all on one website to provide players with a one-stop-shop option to play the five most popular versions of the game all in one place! Strive for the highest score in the game, boast your score to your friends and loved ones, then share the games to compete against your friends!

Duck LifePlay

The original version of Duck Live introduces players to an interactive, fun way to train ducklings and compete against the computer in competitions to earn money and fame. According to the story, the player has just lost one of their most prized possessions – a highly successful farm, along with all of the buildings, crops, and most of the livestock – due to a terrible tornado. The only thing left on the farm after the storm has passed is one single duck egg.

Players are tasked with training the ducking, once it’s hatched, to run, swim, climb, fly, and improve its endurance, in order to compete in multiple, very popular duckling competitions. Winners of the competition will earn cash prizes and other amazing rewards.

Duck Life 2Play Now

You have trained your duckling well in the last version of Duck Life and have successfully saved your farm. In fact, your new farm is far more successful than the pre-tornado one ever was! However, now that you’ve had a taste of competition and success, that drive and determination to compete and win simply won’t stop nagging at you.

In Duck Life 2, you learn that you need to continue to train your duckling in five specific skills – endurance, swimming, flying, running, and climbing. The competition this time is much fiercer than it was in the last episode of the game, and the obstacles are significantly more difficult. Train your duckling as much as possible in order to compete – and win – in all of the challenging competitions!

Duck Life 3

Named as one of the most fun versions of the game, Duck Life 3 introduces an all new way to compete and win competitions. Similar to the previous versions, training your duckling is extremely important; one needs to train in various skills such as flying, swimming, running, climbing, and endurance. Additionally, you have to make sure you keep your ducklings energy level up so that he’s strong enough to train and compete, therefore, you need to feed him periodically!

This version of Duck Life breaks down the competitions into three leagues: Amateurs, Qualifiers, and Finals. In order to advance through each league, players and their ducklings need to meet special qualifications and achievements in each category. Finally, once players have successfully completed (and won) competitions in the Qualifiers League, they can begin to compete in the Finals for the championship cup!

Duck Life 4Play

Duck Life 4 offers all new features to players, as well as some very familiar features from the previous versions. For instance, players that have enjoyed playing Duck Life 1 through 3 may recognize features such as how to train your duckling, key control functions, and various skills required to compete in competitions. New features, however, have also been introduced in this version such as a brand new coin shop. Now players can spend extra coins to purchase new ducklings in order to improve their chances of winning competitions.

The downfall: training a new duckling means you’re training from scratch, and will need to begin each new duckling at level one on every skill. On the plus side, each new duckling offers special skill bonuses, which may make it more valuable in competitions than a duckling with rounded stats ever would! Test each duckling today and see if you can claim the Duck King crown of achievement!

Duck Life 5: Treasure HuntPlay

Rated as one of the best in the series by thousands of players due to its all new way to play and compete, as well as the impressive graphics, Duck Life: Treasure Hunt brings Duck Life players and treasure hunting enthusiasts together!

In this version, players are tasked with finding rare, valuable treasures such as gold and jewels throughout the awe-inspiring caves and pathways of the Egyptian pyramids! Can you find the buried treasure before the other adventurers? Test your skills in this fun treasure hunting game now, then share it with your friends to see who can achieve the highest score!


Duck Life 6: Space

After a long long time – finally a new version is here! This time our duck traveling on other planets and compete against powerful alien ducks. The new game includes more than 10 new minigames over 6 planets.

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