Duck Life

I won’t lie, I love racing games. So as I was browsing the internet to find a new racing browser-based game, I came across this game called Duck Life. Duck life offers some basic graphics – nothing too detailed that will overload your computer – and simple, easy to follow player rules. One thing I personally enjoyed was the beginning of the game where it tells you a little back-story.

In the story, you learn that you play the game as the owner of a very large farm. One day, a massive tornado swept through your homeland and destroyed everything you owned – the crops, the livestock, the buildings – everything was blown away and destroyed in the high winds. Frantically, you need to figure out a way to rebuild your farm.

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As you evaluate the damage, you notice a single duck egg that has survived the devastation. That’s when you get the best, most profitable idea that you’ve had in decades – you’ll train this duckling to compete in the upcoming Duck Racing Tournaments!

The Game

After I go over the mushy storyline and clicked continue, the playing screen loaded up. Having not played this game before, my next thought was: “What now?”

Duck life offers no beginner guide to speak of, so players must stumble around on their own to figure out how to play the game. What I’ve learned was that you use your mouse to click on various stabs at the top of the game screen. These tabs are conveniently named “Enter Race”, “Train Running”, “Train Flying”, and “Train Swimming.” Of course, being the racing fan that I am, I immediately clicked on the Enter Race tab!

Big mistake.

As with any race or marathon, one needs to train in various physical skills. That said, and with a heavy heart, I clicked on the Train Running tab to begin training.


This is where I learned that the game does, in fact, offer beginner tips! Once the page loaded up after clicking on the training tab, I discovered that not only will I need my mouse, but I’ll also need to use the arrow buttons on the keyboard in order to move the cute little duckling across my screen. I also learned that I shouldn’t ever touch the rolling balls flying at me at record speed, otherwise that ends the training for the day!

Throughout the training, players level up based on the experience they’ve gained, coins collected, and distance crossed. These factors ring true for all other physical training exercises that you perform.

Duck Life

Race Central

Once your duckling achieves level 10 in any of the physical training exercises, players can test their hand at their first race. Frankly, I hated having to wait until level 10 before feeling the rush and excitement of race day, but, alas, I had to suffer.

There are four racing levels available to players – Beginner Races, Amateur Races, Expert Races, and World Championship Races. The beginner races are for players between levels 10 and 40, Amateur Races are from levels 40-100, Expert Races are for levels 100 and above, and the World Championship Races are exclusively for the winners of every other race. In fact, it won’t even unlock unless you’ve won all of the other races first!

If you ask me, that’s an incredibly long period of time to wait and level! Way too many levels to plow through for my personal preferences. In fact, I think I reached level 40 before moving on to other things.

What Do I Like About Duck Life?

Duck Life offers some really exciting features. I do love that the graphics don’t bog down my computer so much that it lags the game to the point where I can’t play it, like some other games I’ve tried playing. I also really like the cute story at the beginning of the game, and how easy it is to actually play the game. Honestly, it’s easy enough that even a child can quickly grasp the concept of how to win the game!

Black Duck

I also like that Duck Life offers an in game store to allow me to purchase various things with the coins that I’ve earned. Some examples of things that I’ve found in the game shop include different hats that my duckling can wear throughout the trainings and competitions, two types of food, and I can even buy different colored “paints” so that I can change the color of my duckling when I get bored with looking at a little yellow duckling bouncing around my screen.

Additionally, I also thought it was really cute that, on the “home” screen part of the game, my little duckling will follow my mouse cursor everywhere! When I move my cursor, he will hop over to wherever it is, then continue to stare at it as if it’s a tasty worm! I could play around with that all day and never get bored!

What Do I Hate About Duck Life?

Honestly, I really hated how long it took to reach level 40. I can only imagine how many hours I would have to spend at the computer in order to achieve level 100! I also am not very happy about the high cost of the items in the shop. Sure, I can collect a few coins throughout each training period, as well as earn some by winning competitions, but when you’re just starting out, coins are very limited and running out of seed is a very, very real possibility! The best seed in the game costs 10 coins, but it also trains your duckling in all skills all at once.

Honestly, the lack of coins available in the game deterred me from purchasing the cute little hats and changing my ducklings color – hats cost a whopping 100 coins each and paint costs 50 coins each! Pretty pricy when you’re on a newbie’s budget!

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