Duck Life 5

The Fire Duck has been defeated! Now the once-active volcano rests dormant in the small, rural town and everyone’s life goes back to normal. Although, now, the dormant volcano has become quite a tourist attraction – gaining the attention of hundreds of thousands of treasure seekers who heard a rumor that the volcano is home to mysterious treasure. You hear about this rumor and start seeing dollar signs! Rush to the volcano and be the first to discover the mystery treasure to claim for yourself!

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What’s New

Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt is unlike any of the previous versions of the game! In this game, you play as a cute duckling in search of mystery, thrill, and treasure! Instead of racing to compete and win competitions, you are now on a mission to be the first to discover the missing treasure of the Fire Duck.

In Duck Life Treasure Hunt, you can purchase cute, helpful pets at the pet shop to help you throughout your quest. Each pet offers different skills and abilities such as knocking out enemies on the screen, firing heat-seeking “missile” type objects at enemies blocking your path, and even pets that will jump in front of you to protect you from enemies!

This version offers several different game shops designed to provide you with helpful equipment, pets, and more throughout your adventures.

In addition, the graphics are significantly better than what we’ve seen in the previous versions. If you didn’t think the ducks in the last 4 versions of the game were cute, your mind will definitely change in this game! The game’s style is even different. Instead of merely racing against other computer-generated ducks, you’re on an adventure – a true adventure!

Duck Life 5

What I Loved About Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

One of my biggest complaints about the previous versions of Duck Life was always that there simply wasn’t anything really “new” to the game; it was all the same – train, train, train, then race against the other ducks to win the competition. This game blows all of that out of the water since it’s more like an adventure-style game. You’re competing against yourself and enemies as much as you are against other treasure seekers! This new spin on the game is one of my most favorite aspects!

I also really like that the developers have improved the graphics quality and images throughout the game.

What I Hated About Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

As usual, everything in the game is incredibly expensive. I mean, really, who wants to pay 15000 or more on a new pet?! Apparently, the developers have heard our cries for better graphics and more originality with the game, but they failed to meet our needs for a more affordable economy!

Duck Life Treasure Hunt


Honestly, the only complaint that I have about the game is the outrageous prices in the game shops. Other than that, this game is awesome! It’s challenging enough to keep you playing for hours, but easy enough to learn and understand the basic key controls so that anyone, of any age, can play and enjoy it. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun game that they can play during their lunch hour or after school.


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