Duck Life 4

After last year’s very successful racing season, the judges have determined that genetically modifying ducks to compete and win in the yearly competitions is now an illegal act, and have banned these modifications from entering the race! What now?

Dive into Duck Life 4 to compete against one of the most successful ducks in the nation, a true world class champion duck racer!

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About Duck Life 4

So, now we’re being told that evolved ducks are against the rules of the races. We have to compete the old fashioned way! Back to training our ducks to compete and win against the world champion!

In this version, we must train our ducklings in three basic skills, running speed, endurance, and reflex. Unlike the previous versions, the trainings and competitions are set up differently. To train our ducklings, we have to talk to the running trainer. He will help us improve our ducks speed, endurance, and reflexes through a series of exercises.

Once we’ve trained enough, we can then speak to the next duckling, one who wants to test our skills by racing against us! As in the last versions, we also have access to an in-game store where we can purchase cute costumes. However, this time we can even purchase new ducks!

Duck Life 4 Swamp

In addition to training and competing against a really fast racer, we can also compete in tournaments. These tournaments are designed to test our skills and by winning each tournament, we can earn amazing prizes – including cash! However, the downfall is that there are no breaks allowed during the tournaments, although we can change ducks for each tournament we want to participate in – so if I have a duckling that is really good at something, but not so good at other things, I can switch them out!

What I Loved About Duck Life 4

One thing I really love about this game is that it is designed slightly different than the previous versions. The races are much more difficult to complete – even the training periods are different! I also love that I can train more than one duck at a time, and can change ducklings for different competitions.

Another thing I really like about it is that on the home screen, my duckling will follow my mouse’s cursor everywhere! How cute is it to be able to play around with my little duckling when I’m letting him take a little break from training or competing?!

Duck Life 4

Lastly, I really like the new interface. Instead of having a ton of buttons to click on in order to select various trainings or competition maps at the top of my screen, now all I have to do is speak to any given NPC in the game. It makes for a much cleaner, user-friendly interface.

What I Hated About Duck Life 4

Honestly, there’s really nothing that I didn’t like about the game. My only complaint about the game is the high prices in the game shop. It’s hard enough trying to win those competitions and races, but the incredibly high prices in the shop make it even more difficult to become the best – or customize my duckling so he stands out for his fans! This game definitely has a weird economy!


Overall, I loved this game, and could spend many hours playing with my duckling, training him, and racing him. The graphics are really cute, the game controls are easy enough for a small child to play, and the user interface is much more appealing. Give Duck Life 4 a try today and tell us what you think!

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