Duck Life 2

If you remember the story line from the previous version, you were tasked with raising a baby duckling and training it to compete in races and competitions around the world in order to raise money to help save your beloved farm. In Duck Life 2, you have successfully saved the farm and earned plenty of extra money to live comfortably on the farm. However, as we all know, racing is quite addicting!

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The storyline in this version of the game introduces a new duckling. The new duckling approaches you as you are wearing your prized possession through the town – the golden crown that you won from the world competition series of duck racing! The baby duckling asks about where you received the crown, and once you tell him your story, it inspires him to become a duck racer, too!

This time, you are tasked with teaching this baby ducking to swim, climb, run, and fly then race during each race day to test his new skills and abilities.

What’s New?

Duck Life 2 introduces a few new features that were not available in the original version of the game. This version introduces a new skill to master, the game shop is set up differently than before, and the racing maps are designed slightly different than before.

For instance, previously, we could open the store and browse the many options that were available to us, even at Level 0. This allowed us to plan our funds appropriately if we wanted to purchase a new hat or change the color of our duckling. This time, though, at the start of the game, you are limited on what you can see in the game shop. Each upgraded purchase becomes available as you unlock them – often based on either your ducks level or the amount of coins available in your bank.

Duck Life 2

In addition, there are five different racing maps available to players now. Within each of these maps are other maps that you will need to explore. Those maps are the races that you will need to win in order to unlock additional maps. Similar to the previous version, each racing map is designed to test one or two skills.

What I Loved About Duck Life 2

Who doesn’t love a game featuring a cute, furry little yellow ducking racing his heart out for the finish line? Duck Life 2 offers many features that children and adults of all ages can enjoy!

For instance, one thing that I loved most about this game is the simplicity. From the simple graphics to the easy playability, this game is really designed for players of all ages and for computers of all capabilities. The graphics are basic enough that virtually any computer should be able to handle with ease and there’s minimal lag issues. The controls are simple – use the mouse to click on the training buttons at the top, and the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide your furry ducking through each training exercise and race. I also like that the racing maps are a bit more scenic than they were in the previous version.

Duck Life

I also like that the shop allows players to customize their duckling to some extent. Even brand new ducklings can sport a fancy new top hat – for free! And, as you level up and compete in races, you can purchase different customizations to make your duckling really stand out in the masses.

What I Hated About Duck Life 2

Although playing the game is quite easy, there’s little variation from the previous version. The tasks are very similar to the original version, as are the training exercises and races. The goals of the game are even the same – win all of the races! I don’t know about you, but I would have liked to see them come up with a new spin on the races, or something!

Also, I really didn’t like the high cost of the food and other items in the store. The high prices compared to the very little income that you receive from training and winning races, makes it quite difficult to customize your duck and foot the food bill. Food alone costs $15 – yikes!

Overall, the game is fun to play if you have a few hours to kill. Leveling and unlocking each map can be kind of slow though, and customizing your duck beyond the free top hat and natural yellow color may put you in the poor house, or at worse, limit your ability to feed your furry friend.

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